How the Omnisharp roadmap affects .NET in Cooperations

The announcement to make the LSP server host of OmniSharp closed source hits me hard. I cannot understand why the DevDiv leadership of Microsoft is so willingly and ongoingly destroying the reputation of .NET (Core). .NET Core is one of the three core pillars (VS Code, TypeScript and .NET Core) which generated respect for Microsoft in the wider programming community within the last 10 years.

Extension Methods

Extension Methods in C# are a crucial element of modern .NET. They are the foundation of LINQ and used everywhere. However, the are sometimes considered as a bad smell when it comes to code reviewing. In this article I want to discuss the concept of extension methods and its position in the OO patterns & principles.

xUnit Theories with Type Parameters

When unit testing generic protocols like the Lego Wireless Protocol input values might be lead to different expected values. Sometimes, however, not only the value changes but also the data types of what to expect. xUnit's Assert.Equal(expected, actual) methods has overloads for countless basic data types like short, double, bool and elementary support for enums. To activate these, the expected argument would need to be parameterized with the right data type.